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Jalapeno & Coriander on Hummus

A mouthwatering dollop of spicy jalapeno and coriander atop our original Lisa’s Hummus. INGREDIENTS Chickpeas (52%), sunflower oil (antioxidant (307b)), tahini (9%), water, jalapeno (4%) (salt, vinegar, firming... (more)

Beetroot Relish on Beetroot Hummus

A tasty combo of tangy beetroot relish on top of creamy beetroot hummus. INGREDIENTS Chickpeas (46%), beetroot relish (36%) (beetroot, sugar, onion, water, vinegar, starch, sea salt, orange... (more)

Hummus with Dukkah & Roasted Pistachio

Roasted pistachio and cashew, with lightly toasted cumin, fennel and coriander seed generously top our deliciously creamy hummus of plump chickpeas and tahini. INGREDIENTS Chickpeas (54%), sunflower oil... (more)

Hummus with Sundried Tomato Pesto

Plump chickpeas blended with tahini for a deliciously creamy smoothness. With a squeeze of lemon and topped with sundried tomato pesto. INGREDIENTS Chickpeas (54%), sunflower oil (antioxidant (307b)),... (more)

Almond Dukkah with Sesame & Chilli on Hummus

A spicy combination of roasted sesame seeds & almonds with a hint of chilli generously top our deliciously smooth and creamy hummus of plump chickpeas and tahini. INGREDIENTS... (more)

Kumara with Roasted Pumpkin seeds

A unique Kiwi twist of delicious kumara and chickpea hummus, with a squeeze of lemon and lightly sprinkled with roasted crunchy pumpkin seeds. INGREDIENTS Chickpeas (52%), sunflower oil... (more)

Pumpkin with Chunky Basil Pesto

We take rich golden roasted pumpkin, plump and juicy chickpeas, then expertly blend them with tahini & cumin. Then we add a fresh basil pesto laden with cashew.... (more)

Hummus with Roasted Garlic

Plump chickpeas blended with tahini for a deliciously creamy hummus. Then we’ve added a hint of pepper and lemon, rounded off with roasted garlic & paprika. INGREDIENTS Chickpeas... (more)