Company history

Where Lisa Began

As a start-up you hardly imagine that one day your brand might become a household name representing an easy style of home entertainment in New Zealand. We do everything we can to retain the original fresh spirit of optimism and the uncomplicated way in which we set out to offer our food. LISA’S Hummus started selling in plain pots labelled with blue felt tipped pen on the lids and whilst today’s product might look somewhat smarter, the wholesome fresh quality of the hummus and dips remains true to the original from Lisa’s home kitchen. All of our products are made fresh daily. Our people start work early and some are even  dressed like Eskimos. That is because we store our product at very cold temperatures to ensure freshness and quality.

Our Guarantee

Integrity has always been at the heart of our business. If you aren’t perfectly happy with the freshness or flavour of our product, simply call us on (09) 829 5700 or email us at info@lhf.net and we’ll go out of our way to make sure you are satisfied.